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Pete Fregoe - Alternate Captain
Number: 13
Position: Forward
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185
Birthday: 7-17-78
Hometown: Massena, New York
Last team: Des Moines Buccaneers

Player Biography

Pete is returning to the Buccaneers for his third season. He scored 25 goals and had 25 assists last year, and was selected for the USHL All Star Team. He is originally from Massena, New York, and enjoys golf and softball. Pete's future plans include playing hockey for Lake Superior State or Providence College.

Player Interview


Sarah: Where were you born?

Pete: I was born in Malone, New York.

Sarah: Where do you call home?

Pete: Massena, New York.

Sarah: Are those towns very far apart?

Pete: It is like a half hour.

Sarah: What was it like growing up there?

Pete: It is cold; it is real cold up there. I am from up-state New York and it is a lot different from out here.

Sarah: Do you like it better up there?

Pete: Yeah, I do because a lot of my friends are up there. In the summers it is nicer out here, I think. I am more comfortable back home.

Sarah: So do you see yourself going back up there when all this is through?

Pete: I can't see myself living up there when I am older. I can't see that. I don't even see myself anywhere yet!

Sarah: Understandable! Tell me about your family.

Pete: I have got one brother who is 22 and my mother and father.

Sarah: Have any of them been out here to see you play?

Pete: My mom was out probably a month ago and my father has been out to the Buc Bowl, and that is it.

Sarah: And your brother?

Pete: He hasn't seen me play in three years.

Sarah: How did you start playing hockey?

Pete: How old or how did I?

Sarah: How did you?

Pete: Well, my brother played. He was three years older than me and I used to go watch him practice when he was younger and I used to skate with his team. So ever since then I have played.

Sarah: When did you know or decide that you wanted to pursue hockey full time?

Pete: Probably when I started getting into high school and started getting more serious about the whole thing. When I got in high school, it was like the only sport I played after awhile. So right then I decided to go serious with hockey.

Sarah: Did you play high school hockey then?

Pete: When I was in 10th grade I moved away to Michigan, so I never had a chance really to play high school hockey.

Sarah: Okay. Have you always played your current position?

Pete: Uh huh.

Sarah: What teams have you played for?

Pete: This is my third year at Des Moines in this league. The year before that, I played up in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Sarah: The Sioux Hawks, right?

Pete: Yeah.

Sarah: Okay. How did you come to play for the Bucs?

Pete: Well, I guess Ferguson recruited me here before Owens was here.

Sarah: What are some of the things that you like about playing for the Bucs?

Pete: It is fun, the crowd. It is real nice playing in front of a large crowd. The organization makes it fun out here.

Sarah: What are the differences between playing a road game and a home game?

Pete: The crowd obviously is a big difference, and then the traveling and hearing boos rather than cheers.

Sarah: Are there certain teams you would rather play or not play against?

Pete: I like playing against everybody for different reasons. I like playing against Lincoln because we never beat them hardly and it is fun to play against them and compete. I like playing against some of the worst teams where you can go out and score some goals.

Sarah: Do you have a favorite college or pro team?

Pete: No, not really.

Sarah: New York at all? The Rangers?

Pete: I don't watch too much hockey.

Sarah: What are your future hockey plans?

Pete: Just to get through college hopefully, that is it. I just want to get into college, out of college, and then that is it.

Sarah: You don't want to play pro?

Pete: I don't think so.

Sarah: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in hockey or out of hockey?

Pete: I don't know. I think falling down on a break away when no one was around.

Sarah: What is your favorite food, dessert, music, movie, or car?

Pete: My favorite movie would probably be "Vision Quest" or "Strange Brew."

Sarah: That is a good one!

Pete: I don't know, one of those two.

Sarah: Do people consider you shy or out-going?

Pete: I think when I first meet a person they think I am shy. But after I get to know a person, I think, I think a lot of people are that way though. When I just meet people for the first time, I am real shy around them.

Sarah: What type of girl do you like? Tall or short, hair color?

Pete: I would say short because I am not the tallest guy. So probably someone shorter than me.

Sarah: Just not taller than you!

Pete: Yeah, just not taller than me!

Sarah: Hair color?

Pete: It doesn't matter.

Sarah: Do you like them out-going or shy?

Pete: It doesn't matter.

Sarah: Athletic or artistic?

Pete: It doesn't matter.

Sarah: Color of eyes?

Pete: It doesn't matter.

Sarah: What do you do in the summer?

Pete: Work. I played softball this summer.

Sarah: Did you go back home?

Pete: Yeah.

Sarah: Do you have any other hobbies or interests you would like to pursue?

Pete: Not really.

Sarah: The fans would be surprised to know that I . . .

Pete: I don't know. I don't know what to say to this one. Can we skip that question?

Sarah: I think this one is kind of.

Pete: Is it important?

Sarah: Well, I think so.

Pete: I don't know what they would be surprised to know.

Sarah: Is there something that you used to do or that you enjoy doing now even not related to hockey?

Pete: I can't think of anything.

Sarah: Do you have some sort of talent besides hockey that you are good at?

Pete: Not really. What have other people put?

Sarah: The only one that is down here is Vincent Bachet's, and he used to drink a lot in France.

Pete: He used to what?

Sarah: Drink a lot in France. I think Walker said something about everything he cooks turns out well, even though he doesn't cook a lot.

Pete: I don't know. How about that I can do my own laundry? How is that?

Sarah: That is a good one! That works!

Special thanks to Lisa Sheehy for transcribing this interview.

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